What We Do

Parent & Baby upto 12mths – Once your little one has had all their immunisations they are welcome to join us, the children will all be 12mths or under in age in this class.  Its so important to introduce swimming to children at a young age, they become comfortable in water and happy to be in the water, it really does set the foundations for them to progress as they get older, we have lots of fun in our  parent & baby classes.

Parent & Child 12mths + – It does not matter if your child has not completed the parent & baby classes, this class is for all children over 12mths and is a fun class for your toddlers, we will work on confidence which is really important if your little one has a fear of any kind, we want to overcome this and then move onto basic swimming techniques.

Pre school children from 3yrs to 4/5yrs.  This class is just for preschool age children, the children are in the pool on their own with their teacher, we keep the classes very small with no more than 4 children in a pre school class, the focus is to build the children’s confidence and to teach them basic swimming techniques. The teachers will use a variety of swimming aids in this class where needed.

Beginners (Reception age 5yrs +) – Maximum of 5 children in a class with 1 teacher.  The instructor will always be in the pool with the children, its very important for the child to feel safe and secure in the pool with their teacher. The children will work on front crawl, backstroke and breast stroke using a variety of swimming aids until they are able to confidently swim 5 metres unaided, they will then be ready to move onto the Improver level.

Improvers – Maximum of 5 children in a class with 1 teacher, the main focus is to develop the children’s technique working on body position, skills and technique for front crawl, back stroke and breast stroke.

Advanced Improvers – Once a child has completed the improver level they will progress into the advanced improvers class, the teacher will help the children to improve their technique and stamina so that they are able to progress to the lengths class.

Lengths – The aim of this class is to build on the techniques, stamina and skills that a child already has so that they become a stronger swimmer able to swim full lengths and master distance swimming.

ADULTS – We cater for adults at all of our venues, offering beginner levels lessons and improver level lessons, please ask for more details for courses available at the venue closest to you.

At all of our venues we do offer private lessons for children and adults, please ask for more details.

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